Somewhere in Southern Indiana:
Poems of Midwestern Origin

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Part One: The Forefather Arrives

The Forefather Arrives
Entering the Southern Indiana Wilderness
Jasper: The Foundation
A Pioneer Wedding
The Pigeons of St. Henry, Indiana
Butchering: After a Family Photograph
Tillie, Josie, and Marie
Postcard from Missouri


Part Two: The Woods of Southern Indiana

Cutting Wood: After a Family Photograph
The Woods of Southern Indiana
Remembering Heavy Snows
Shooting a Squirrel
Squirrel at the Birdfeeder
Indigo Bunting
Sweet Gum
Pin Oak
Shagbark Hickory
Purple Trillium
Tulip Poplar
Dutchman's Breeches
Sugar Maple
Skinning a Rabbit
Driving Back Roads Late at Night
Darkness Comes to the Woods
Southern Indiana

Part Three: Curving Back

Hoosier Songs
St. Meinrad Archabbey
To Obscure Men
Two Bricks and a Board
My Father Young Again
A Terre Haute Story
German Fries
A Civil War Veteran from Indiana Recalls Visiting
     with Walt Whitman in a Washington Hospital
Theodore Dreiser's Cathedral
Boy Scouts Camping Out
The Patoka River and the Blessinger Brothers
For an Old Friend
Basketball Season Begins
Curving Back
Somewhere in Southern Indiana