Norbert Krapf, Sweet Sister Moon



1. The Figure in the Landscape

The Figure in the Landscape    

Woods Shrine         

Lovely in Her Bones    

Girl of the Hill Country    

Insomniac’s Aubade    

Shoveling Snow in Moonlight    

Blues Valentine     

Memo of Understanding    

Her Gift    

Soul Song    

Tongues of Fire 


2. Woman in a Lavender Field

Love Song in the Kitchen    

Emily Dickinson’s Loaves    

Hugging the Spirit    

Love Story     

Letter to You    


May Day Song   

The Riddle of Three Words    

Southern Girl in Snow Storm    

Early Morning Love Song    

After Love    

Woman in a Lavender Field     



3. The Sister in the Circle


Song for a Sister    

Sister Query   

Sister Song    

Angel Sister Song    

Still Born?    

Small Tombstone    

Still Dark    

The Sister in the Circle    


4. Daughters


When the Call Came    

Elizabeth Maria’s Colombian Eyes    


Sweet Sixteen   

Consolation Song for a Daughter         

A Bruch Concerto in the Basement    

Walt Whitman’s Daughters    

Beyond Dark Eyes: A Navajo Cycle         

    1. Diné Degree    

    2. Diné Daughter    

    3. On the Rim   

    4. Female Hogan   

    5. New Old Tongue    

    6. Night Vision    

    7. Eastern Light    

    8. Maggie’s Hands    

    9. Maggie’s Gift    

   10. Your Father’s Gift    

   11. Outside of Time    

   12. Beyond Dark Eyes       

   13. Rejoicing Song for Emma

          Danielle Roman Nose     


5. Full Moon over Central Indiana

Calling on Ma Rainey     

Bessie’s Business     

How Billie Sings the Blues    

On the Road with the Hampton Sisters        

What Have You Gone and Done?    

Song for Cassandra Wilson    

When Diana Sings Cole     

Song for Lucinda Williams    

Song for Carrie Newcomer    

Baby Blue    

The Other Side    

Full Moon over Central Indiana    


6. Her Circle




Love Letter     

Love Prayer    

Children’s Story    

Song from Darkness    

Dirty Blues    

Her Circle    

Arboretum Naming Song    

Children of the Morning Star    


7. Songs of Helga: After Andrew Wyeth

    1. Helga Asleep    

    2. To Awaken Her    

    3. In the Flesh    

    4. In Sheepskin    

    5. She Daydreams    

    6. On Her Knees        

    7. She Walks in Leaves     

    8. In Moonlight     

    9. On Her Back    

    10. Seen from Behind    

    11. In Braids    

    12. Queen of May    

    13. Seated by a Tree    

    14. In Black Velvet    

    15. What She Recalls When

           She Sits for a Painting    

    16. Behind Drawn Shades    

    17. Seated on a Stool    

    18. Walking on a Country Road    

    19. Against a Tree in Winter