Poet Laureate Activity Photos Part Seven

January - March 2010

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On January 9, 2010, the Hoosier Dylan show came to Norbert’s downtown Indy neighborhood at the Athenaeum Theatre, formerly known as the American Cabaret Theatre. Norbert had originally booked the show to be part of his Together Again: Music and Poetry series before the ACT reorganized and left the Athenaeum for a new home. Then he helped Tim book it through the Athenaeum Foundation. A near capacity crowd of over 300, the largest audience of five shows, helped the troupe lift their performances to what all agreed was the best show to date.

The Hoosier Dylan @ Athenaeum announcement card, front and back.
The poster for Bob Dylan’s 2007 White River State Park in downtown Indy.
The Athenaeum Theatre lobby, now an art gallery. Beverages and food were available in the lobby, to bring to the tables inside the theatre.
The elegant empty theatre during the sound check.
Gordon Bonham’s 1929 National steel guitar, recently given back to him by the individual who bought it ten years before.
Jennie DeVoe and Bobbie Lancaster, with Gordon and Jason Wilber behind, during the sound check.
The young rock group Joyous Garde, including Conner Grimm, during the sound check.
The Krapf table, including Katherine and Chuck and Barb Stevenson and family, before the show.
Tim Grimm and Jason Wilber.
The Family Grimm: Tim, Conner, Jan.
The White Lightning Boys of Brown County.
While Tim introduces Norbert, he answers a question for Gordon, who backed him on “Hoosier Dylan” and “The Voice.”
Gordon, recently reunited with his beloved 1929 National steel guitar, backs Norbert on “The Voice.
Bobbie Lancaster and Norbert watch the troupe from the boxes after their first sets.
Jennie sings.
Jennie as Ms. Tambourine Woman.
Jennie lights up the backstage during intermission.
Norbert introduces Jennie for her second set by reciting a new poem, “Jennie’s Song.”
Jason Wilber leads the finale, “Like a Rolling Stone.”
Audience participation during LARR.
Norbert, pressed into action by Jan, begins a new career as backup singer.
For the second year in a row, as IPL Norbert participated in Arts Advocacy Day in the Indiana Statehouse, which took place on January 26. The event, sponsored by the Indiana Coalition for the Arts, includes exhibits by arts organizations and regional arts partners, the atmosphere is festive, and it’s fun to connect with movers and shakers in the arts.
The Rotunda of the Indiana Statehouse on Arts Advocacy Day.
With Laura Frank of the Indiana Arts Commission.
With Norbert’s IAC liaison Susan Britsch.
Colleen Friedly of Broad Ripple HS and another participant in the Poetry Out Loud competition.
Colleen recites by memory a John Clare poem.
Norbert recites “Prayer for Peyton Manning,” which unfortunately did not guarantee that the Colts would win the Super Bowl again.
”Bamboo Steve” Pollitt of Bloomington performs “Amazing Grace” and other songs.
Khabir Shareef (r.) and the Griot Drum Ensemble.
On January 27, producer Jim Simmons, host Michael Atwood, and a crew came to Norbert’s house to film him talking about poetry in Indiana and reading a few poems to introduce a two-part feature on a collaboration between Central Indiana and El Salvadoran poets for the series “Across Indiana,” beginning its twenty-first year. This feature aired January 8 and 22 on WFYI/PBS, Indy and will be available for later viewing in the series archives of the WFYI Web site. Norbert’s IPL predecessor, Joyce Brinkman, is featured in this two-part series. Other poets are Joseph Heithaus, Ruthelen Burns, JL Kato, and Phoenix Cole.
Norbert with “Across Indiana” host Michael Atwood and producer Jim Simmons.
Norbert talks with Jim Simmons while the crew sets up equipment.
During an impromptu poetry discussion, Michael Atwood recited from memory the opening lines of Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl.” As part of a 2008 Spirit and Place event that Norbert participated in, Poetry: The Whirl of the Divine, directed by Diane Timmerman, Michael read a James Whitcomb Riley poem.
On January 29, Monika Herzig had a performance in the lounge at Stable Studios near Spencer, IN that producer Susanne Scwibs filmed for a documentary DVD to be included with Monika’s forthcoming (3/11) CD, Come with Me. Monika’s title comes from a poem by Norbert that inspired the title track. Monika invited Norbert to recite the poem with backing by the musicians and also to be interviewed on film.
Monika smiles during the sound check.
Carolyn Dutton during sound check.
Frank Smith finds his music for the sound check.
Carolyn and Monika practice one song.
Peter Kienle, Monika’s husband, during the sound check.
Peter rocked out so much on “Heavy Burden” during the concert that he inspired Norbert to write a new poem, “The Night the Guitarist Broke Loose.” To read Monika’s blog entry about the night and Norbert’s poem, click here.
Monika introduces Norbert during the concert.
Norbert recites “Come with Me” while Monika and drummer Steve Davis, who drove all the way from St. Louis for the day and evening, provide backing and Carolyn gives moral support.
Katherine listened to both the sound check and the concert and took some photos.
Norbert’s photographer collaborator Darryl Jones, who lives about fifteen minutes away, stopped in late in the afternoon for a good catch-up visit.
Susanne Schwibs (l.) looks on during the filming.
The band cooks.
On March 14, Norbert read poems at a house concert by Bleu Django, a gypsy jazz group, in the Redbud Tree series. The group includes Carolyn Dutton on violin, Daryl Jones on lead guitar, Bob Foster on rhythm guitar, and Hunt Wiley on bass. Carolyn performs often with Norbert and Monika Herzig and plays on half the tracks of their Imagine CD.
The sign on the suitcase gives the name of the group.
Katherine and Barb Stevenson talk during the pitch-in that precedes the concert.
Bob’s guitar.
Carolyn in the kitchen, ready to go, with Hunt looking on.
The group seen from the back of the room. There was a full house of 32.
The group seen from the dining room-merchandise table area.
Daryl picks, with help from a musical tie.

Hunt gives the group some rhythm at the bottom.

Carolyn and Bob in action.

Carolyn spreads the magic resin dust.

Norbert reads, after the break, from Sweet Sister Moon.
While Hunt looks on, Norbert also read two recent poems, “The Night the Guitarist Broke Loose,” which Daryl liked, and “Letter to Yo-Yo Ma in Madrid,” written during a recent trip to Spain.
Carolyn up close, sitting about twelve inches from Norbert’s first-row seat. House concerts eliminate the distance between audience and performer.
Hunt and Daryl show their prowess and wood.
Carolyn listens with eyes closed
On Sunday, March 28 Norbert, Monika Herzig (piano), Peter Kienle (guitar), and Carolyn Dutton (violin) performed poetry and jazz in the Indy Artsgarden at Circle Centre Mall, suspended over Washington and Illinois Streets. This was Norbert’s first full jazz and poetry performance since September.
The Stevensons arrive and visit with Katherine.
Peter tunes his guitar
while Monika and Carolyn work out some details.
Monika visits with her daughters before the show begins.
The whole ensemble seen from the front.

Carolyn and Norbert.

Monika and Peter’s daughter Jasmin sings a song in preparation for an event in Bloomington
and Melody takes her turn singing also.

The whole ensemble seen from the side.

Barb Stevenson with granddaughter Ruby.


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